Alpena Field Trip

 All Quarries require MSHA 5000-23 Certificate
You may join trip at any point (breakfast/lunch)
If you are planning on attending, please contact;
For updates & future trips;
Friday – Oct.18  (Mississippian Era)
12:00 PM   Meet at Standish Burger King – Lunch
  1:00 PM   Omer Quarry – Flint Nodules, Fossils,
Fluorescent Calcite, Quartz Xls (Daisy Patterns)
  2:30 PM  Whitney Quarry – Snow Scene Agate,
Calcite, Pyrite, Quartz, Chalcedony Nodules, Fossils
   4:00 PM   National City Gypsum Mine (with dry weather) – Turtles
 Ramada Sanctuary Inn* ($80/night – ask for Rock Group rate)
Saturday – Oct.19 (Alpena’s Devonian Era)
   8:30 AM  Alpena’s Burger King – Breakfast
   9:00 AM  Northern Aggregates Quarry – Calcite
    Ferro-Dolomite, Petosky Stones, Crinoids, Corals
12:30 PM  Lunch – Meet at Alpena McDonalds
  1:00  PM  LaFarge Stone Quarry – Fossils
    Crinoids, Petosky Stone, Coral, Calcite, Dolomite
  4:00 PM  New Quarry Trilobites, Skeletal Fossils
  7:00 PM  Dinner — Partridge Point – Devonian Fossils
   Petosky Stones, Bryozoans, Corals, Crinoids, Brach.
Sunday – Oct.20  (on your own)
AM  Old Rockport Quarry – Devonian Fossils
   Petosky Stones, Bryozoans, Corals, Crinoids, Brach.
(Other areas around the Alpena area like Squaw Bay)
12:00 PM West Branch – Gravel pit – Pudding Stone,
Fossils, many types of boulders Metamorphic & Igneous Rocks